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LivingWell Rewards Program

It's simple and FREE... it's simply a reward program designed just for you and your family members.

The LivingWell Family Rewards Program allows you to care for yourself and your family and SAVE!

LivingWell offers Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage, relaxing and rejuvenating Body Treatments, Anti-Aging Facial Treatments and Acupuncture.  We are committed to offering result driven treatments in a nurturing caring environment. We want you to experience how consistent therapeutic care and relaxation will improve your life.  We have designed our Rewards Program so that it is easy for you and your family to commit to better health and well-being.

On the 1st of every month $79.00 is charged to your credit card and deposited to your LivingWell Rewards Account. This money stays in your account until you use it for services at LivingWell.

Every one hour or longer session is discounted no matter how often you come in.

You and your family members will also enjoy a 10% discount on most retail products.

Fees for Massage, Acupucture, Spa Services

120 MINUTES $178.00 $158.00 $20.00
90 MINUTES $133.00 $118.06 $14.94
60 MINUTES $89.00 $79.00 $10.00


Fees for LW Bodywork

120 MINUTES $195.00 $173.09 $21.91
90 MINUTES $151.00 $134.04 $16.96


Fees for Bodywork with Frank

120 MINUTES $230.00 $204.16 $25.84
90 MINUTES $170.00 $150.90 $19.10
60 MINUTES $115.00 $102.08 $12.92

Commonly Asked Questions

How does the REWARDS PROGRAM work?
You promise to take care of yourself by committing to at least one 60-minute LivingWell Massage, Acupuncture, Movement, Spa Facial Treatment or Body Treatment each month.

We discount the price of that LivingWell treatment you receive as a reward to you.

We offer a 10% discount to our Rewards Plan Members on most of our retail products.

It’s a family plan …all household family members can use your Rewards Program.

What if I want to come in more often?
Any one hour or more additional treatment you receive will also be discounted.

What if I can’t come in that month?
No problem, you can give that month’s LivingWell appointment to a household family member
(the appointment will still be charged to your LivingWell Rewards Account).
OR you can just let it accrue and you can use it at your convenience.

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