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“Relieved to finally find a masseur who could unlock those stiff and painful stress points and allow relaxation to flood my body, my racing mind quieted. Heading home, my face had softened and I walked straighter and more easily.”
– Margaret

“That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever had! I had tears running down my face! What a great release of so much pent-up emotion.”
– Dee

“I have had the pleasure of working with Frank Corcoran both professionally and personally. He has helped countless numbers of people, including myself, experience more out of life with his talented, intuitive, and gentle system of bodywork. I highly recommend Frank for anyone with health concerns or just concerned about optimal health.”
– Dr. Angela Gambale

“Frank Corcoran of LivingWell has helped me overcome injuries on many occasions over the past 10 years. He is the most insightful and effective muscular therapist that I have ever worked with. As a nationally ranked competitive swimmer I have incurred a variety of stresses and injuries to my body. Frank always has the answers to my problems. I especially appreciate that his combination of movement and muscular therapy offers me useful information to better approach my training when working to speed the healing process.”
– Susan Livingston

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Frank Corcoran of LivingWell. I have been a client of Frank’s for about four years and Frank has been able to help me get through a very tough time when I had severe back pain and nothing else helped. He has always shown great care for his clients and a great love for his business. Frank is an amazing healer and he has helped me and many others that I know.”
– Daniel Shuman, Owner Salem Cycle

“Over the past 13 years I’ve tried many different treatments, approaches, and therapists to deal with, originally, a bulging disc and then with fibromyalgia (a muscle syndrome) that went undiagnosed for four years. Several friends encouraged me to see Frank Corcoran. I’ve now been seeing Frank for several years and the strides I have made have been tremendous. Frank has an innate sense of where the root of a problem is, not just the superficial manifestation, of how to treat it, and which approach to treatment is the best for a particular person. I think the best way to describe Frank is simply to say that he is truly gifted.”
– Jeanie Stahl

“I have always valued my mobility and energy. As I move through my sixties my movements are not as natural and easy as they had been. For over a year I have been enjoying semi-private weekly Pilates classes. Aside from greater mobility and confidence, I have a new body awareness. When I walk and have discomfort in my knee, I shift my energy to my stomach muscles and the knee moves pain free. Did I mention that my clothes fit better?”
– Judy Stover

“Thank you for taking such care in your work with me yesterday. Your knowledge and thoroughness are greatly appreciated. You are a gifted bodyworker and I look forward to working with you.”
– Cathy O’Connor

“I have been a client of Frank Corcoran for over a decade and have nothing but the highest regard for his business and its practices. I have witnessed his business grow in many directions over the years. His services have always maintained the highest standards of professionalism. As a business owner myself, I have great respect for his deep sense of responsibility to both his clients and neighboring businesses. As a client, I often recommend his office to many of my own friends and family members for the excellent care that he provides.”
– Dara Rogers, DMD

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