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LivingWell Professional Staff Members

Frank Corcoran ~ LMT — Owner

Frank’s reputation as one of the most respected bodyworkers in the area is well earned. Frank has been a Massage Practitioner for over 25 years. His education began at the Myotone Institute and continued on to include certification in Myofacial Release, Touch for Health, Reiki II, Saint Johns Neuromuscular Therapy, Pilates mat work, Somatic movement training, and TAGteach certification. His latest training was with Harman Myers D.O. in the gentle and effective technique of Strain-Counter Strain.

Frank regularly receives referrals from medical doctors looking to provide their patients with the elevated level of alternative pain relief and relaxation. Frank specializes in working with people who suffer from chronic pain due to injury or long-term issues. His systemized approach “LivingWell Bodywork” combines Massage Therapy with gentle movement and centering/strengthening techniques such as Pilates. Frank trains all LivingWell therapists to ensure consistent care throughout the practice. Frank’s gentle manner and ability to communicate with people in pain has been of tremendous benefit to many.
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Charlene Hovanasian ~ Licensed Acupuncturist & Certified Reflexologist

Charlene is a Massachusetts state-licensed Acupuncturist and a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture in Watertown, MA. She received a Master's degree in Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture and is certified in Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, a technique that is used to produce collagen and elastin, soften fine lines, and give the skin a younger and uplifted appearance. Charlene specializes in stress and pain management, chronic inflammation, and repetitive strain conditions.

Charlene is also a Reflexologist certified by the Essentials Center and the Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies. Reflexology works with pressure points that map the entire body on the feet and hands and is used to reduce stress and tension, opening the body to a state of relaxation. With a strong belief in the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine and holistic healing therapies, Charlene's emphasis is to help the client achieve whole-body harmony and health in a relaxing and caring environment.


Spa Services

Lisa M. Voloto ~ Esthetician & LMT

Graduating from Elizabeth Grady School in 2010, Lisa obtained a Dual License in both Esthetics & Massage. Lisa brings a variety of treatments to LivingWell Clients including Facials, Waxing, Spa Treatments, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage and Reiki. Lisa provides great personal service with attention to detail and a unique customized experience. Lisa feels fortunate
to be in a profession that can make a difference in the health and well being
of all clients.
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Licensed Massage Therapists

Colette Cipullo ~ LMT

What do you bring to your clients? "I have taken my life’s experiences as a mother, a business owner and a student and turned them on end so that I continually view life from my client’s perspective. I understand the joy as well as the stresses that all of these “jobs” can bring. I understand the need for rest and relief and I provide it with caring attention to all of the details that make each session special."

What sets you apart from other therapists? "The more skills I can bring the better therapist I am. This has been my belief for the more than 10 years that I have been working as a massage therapist. I have added to my massage therapist skills the energetic healing modalities that are so predominately used in our hospitals and health clinics: Reiki, Polarity and Cranio Sacral Balancing."

What would you like your clients to know about you? "I am anxious to bring my skills to all that I can help. I am thrilled to be a part of a team that believes so deeply in helping others."
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Britt Hed ~ LMT

What do you like about being an LMT?  “ I take pride in my ability to put my clients in a deep state of relaxation allowing them to fully benefit from the session. Clients who suffer from chronic pain have found relief from my therapeutic touch which gives me great joy to witness.”

 What sets you apart? “I specialize in Craniosacral treatments. I master in Warm Stone and Body Wraps, which are fabulous when paired with a massage.”

What advice would you give to a client new to massage therapy? “Massage has so many benefits – from treating pain to easing your mind during a stressful time. To get the maximum reward from your treatment, don’t be shy to communicate your needs to your therapist.”

What are your clients saying about you? “One of my clients had a chronic back injury and after working with me he was “pain free for the first time in 10 years”.  That is a great feeling.”
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Kelin Hill ~ LMT

What is your favorite client?  “My favorite client enjoys a powerful, fluid massage aimed at relieving both muscular and mental stress.”

What have your clients said about you? “My work is fluid, dynamic and so smooth that people often label it as intuitive.”

What advice would you give to a client new to massage therapy? “I invite clients to tell me what they like and don't like. I use that information to personalize their massage and meet their needs as fully as possible.”

What inspired you to become an LMT? “I have known since I was a little kid, working on my mom, that this is what I love to do."

What keeps you enmeshed in continuing education and practicing? “I am inspired by the look on a client's face after they get off the table, a look of peace and ease. Helping people find comfort makes me happy."
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Kate Littlefield ~ LMT

What advice would you give to a client new to massage therapy? “Massage is for everybody!  Whether your goal is relaxation, pain relief or just general health and wellbeing - massage can help you achieve it.”

What do your clients have to say? “I give an excellent therapeutic deep tissue massage in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.”

What are your areas of expertise?  “I specialize in deep tissue work, pre/post-natal massage, and in treating recurring neck pain through a variety of techniques.  I’m also a certified Reiki practitioner, a traditional Japanese method of healing therapy that promotes a person’s ‘life energy’.”

What would you like your clients to know about you?  I have over six years of professional experience as an LMT – four spent right here at LivingWell.   It has been a wonderful experience to train with Frank.  He has helped me develop my ‘whole body’ approach to treatment by giving me a deeper understanding of how parts of the body are connected.
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David Lynch ~ LMT

What inspired you to become a LMT? "I love helping people. I’m also a bit of a minimalist, and massage caters to that with its simplicity. I really enjoy seeing the far-reaching and varied benefits of massage. I can help people just relax and unwind, or alleviate serious aches and pains."

What would you like your clients to know about you? "I’m committed to living lightly on the Earth. The time I spent working on organic farms made me realize the importance of a healthy, harmonious life. I enjoy using my bicycle for the bulk of my transportation, and believe a plant-based diet is optimal for good health."

What are your areas of expertise? "My massages are very fluid and customized to my client. I listen well, and can adjust light or deep pressure to problem areas as needed."

What advice would you give to a client new to massage therapy? "Massage is not a luxury! For health maintenance, it should be received regularly. The benefits are too great to be reserved only for special occasions. Invest in your health. It’s worth it." back to top


Patty Lynch ~ LMT & RYT

What are your areas of expertise?  “I utilize both Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release techniques to work with each client to create balance within the body and ease muscle tension.”

What have your clients said about you? “I had a client come out of her first session and say 'I have finally found my massage therapist!' It feels great to make a connection with a client, build a relationship with them and give them the relieft they have been looking for.”

What advice would you give to a client new to massage therapy?  “Massage is about communication and connection. I encourance all clients to trust in their bodies and to communicate openly with me."

What would you like your clients to know about you? "I've been a registered yoga instructor for over 10 years. My understanding of movement, alignment and anatomy really helps me assess and treat my clients in a well-rounded way. I am also an instructor at a massage therapy school. Teaching eager students keeps me engaged and interested in the art of healing." back to top


Joyce McLaughlin ~ LMT & Esthetician

What are your areas of expertise?  “The techniques I use – Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofacial Release – are tailored to reduce chronic pain, particularly in the neck, shoulders and lower back.  If you are suffering from recurring headaches or have trouble sleeping, please come see me for relief!”

What are your clients saying about you? “That I have “magic hands” and their pain is gone!”

What advice would you give to a client new to massage therapy? “An investment in your health now will help prevent future aches and pains.  Reduced stress, increased relaxation, and a boosted immune system – these are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy with regular massage therapy.”

What inspired you to become a LMT?  “I love helping people feel and look their best!  In addition to being a LMT, I am also a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist specializing in anti-aging treatments.”
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Shannon Murphy ~ LMT

What inspired you to become an LMT? "My joy has come from working with people. I have always been that go to person for help. I am a great listener and enjoy being physical. It was clear that I could combine theses skills and have a career that would be joyful and even more helpful."

What would you like your clients to know about you? "I understand the rigors of sports as well as work. I have lived them both. I understand that different days can bring different stresses. I am able to be versatile."

What advice would you give a new client? "Talk with your therapist to have you both know more about your likes and dislikes. The difference between a good session and a great session can happen based on just a little more information. Be assured, Therapists LOVE knowing what is best for you." back to top


Amy Payne ~ LMT

How would you describe your work? "My work has a patient quality to it. Everyone has their unique needs. I will work with a client as slowly as needed to be sure that the work is exactly what they want. You can trust me to ease your worries and bring you to a more centered and joyful place."

What are your areas of expertise? "I have trained in the classic deep tissue massage as well as Swedish massage techniques. My other skills are in the more energy based techniques of Reiki and Polarity therapy."

What would you like to have clients know about you? "I listen well, I try hard, and I love what I do." back to top


Raven Porcher ~ LMT

What are your areas of expertise? "Deep Tissue Massage.People come to me for my ability to do firm and consistent deep tissue massage as well as my ability to modify the session to an individual’s needs."

What would you like your clients to know about you? "I am so good at what I do that players from the Boston Celtics have come to see me to augment their training and recovery."

How would you explain your work? "I temper my ability to work deeply with understanding and patience, communicating with clients throughout the session to be sure that it is not simply deep work but smart work. I give the kind of massage session that has you leaving loose limbed and ready to take on whatever is next." back to top

Alison Powers ~ LMT

How would you best describe your work? "Powerful and restful is how my work is described. To offset the noise and distractions of the world my sessions tend to be quiet. I think of each session as an opportunity to help guide you to a place that has your physical body rested and your mind refreshed. I find that many of our elderly clients particularly enjoy working with me and greatly benefit."

What other specialized therapies do your offer? "I am a certified 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner. Reiki opens the pathways of a client for self-healing and returns equilibrium to the physical, mental, and emotional states. When used alone or combined with traditional massage techniques, Reiki enhances the client's state of deep relaxation and general well-being." back to top

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